Shiatsu Therapist 

Shiatsu in Sheffield with Sarah Oldfield


Chi Gong and Pancha Tanmantra classes

Chi Gong 
Tuesday's 6.30pm - 7.15pm
Drop in Class is ongoing. Join anytime.

Qigong is a system of exercises practiced for health maintenance, healing and increasing vitality. QiGong is an ancient Chinese exercise system that enhances the flow of Qi throughout the body.  Qi (pronounced CHEE) means life force energy. Gong means skill or accomplishment. QiGong is regularly practiced by many in eastern cultures for it's health giving benefits. QiGong can be practiced to help with specific ailments and for maintaining health and vitality. 

Exercises are simple and easy to learn and are suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness.

Classes are £6  Chi Gong and Pancha classes run back to back so attendance at both is welcomed.

Pancha Tanmantra  
5 Element Healing Martial Art
Tuesday's 7.15pm - 8.30pm
Sharrow Community Forum, Old Junior School, South View Road
Sheffield, S7 1DB (entrance on cnr Vincent Rd and Sharrow Lane) New students welcome anytime.

Pancha Tanmantra is an ancient Shaolin Kung Fu Form. Originating from the Permuda Vihara Vimala Dharma temple in Java, this non-combat martial art is taught as an aid to health and meditation. Based in Buddhist wisdom and Chinese health philosophy this practice offers a holistic way of working with the body-mind. 12 movements are learned intially that correspond to the 12 meridians (energy channels) in the body. Movements are done slowly to tonify and stronger to expel emotional and energetics blockages.
This is a progressive class so weekly attendance is recommended.
Classes are £8 or 5 for £35 (consecutive)
Chi Gong and Pancha classes run back to back so attendance at both is welcomed.

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