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Labour and Birth Shiatsu

Learn shiatsu techniques for pain relief in labour 

It is often difficult for the birth partner to see their loved one in pain and discomfort. Having a few tricks up your sleeve to help your partner can be as helpful for you as it is for them.

In a couple of hours you can learn some simple exercises to help you both relax into the flow of labour and practice specific acupressure points for pain relief in labour. You will learn techniques for each stage of labour to help you both remain connected with each other and managing the challenges that arise as you get closer to meeting your baby.

You will learn

  • visualisations and breathing for early labour
  • partner exercises for early labour
  • pain relief accupressure for all stages of labour
  • labour positions for all stages

You will receive an easy to use hand out of all of the accupressure points you will learn in the session

Labour preparation shiatsu (from 37 weeks)

Anytime from 37 weeks is a good time to have  shiatsu sessions with the focus of preparing your body for labour.

Especially for first time mums and also for women who have had previous difficult or traumatic birth, these sessions are a great time to connect with your body and mind. In these sessions any resistance or fear around going into labour can be given space and often resolves itself.

Specific acupressure points are used to help prepare, guide and encourage your body to birth your baby.

At this stage of pregnancy there is often a lot of physical discomfort. Shiatsu at this time can help to create a little more spaciousness and ease as well as deep relaxation and rest.

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