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Sarah Oldfield


Sarah Oldfield has been exploring the healing arts of the east since 1997. She began her journey at university where she started to be aware of a pattern of chronic, mild anxiety and bouts of acute Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Through the practice of T'ai Chi, ChiQong and Buddhist meditation Sarah began to understand the intimate connection between states of mind and physical symptoms. It is this relationship between body and mind that has been, and still is, an endless source of interest and exploration for Sarah. This exploration continues to reveal new insights and discoveries both on a personal and professional level. 


Shintai Shiatsu Neck and Spine Alignment (2 days) with Kulwinder Kaur
Nottingham, 2013
Birth and Post Natal Doula Certificate (1 year), Australian Doula College
Sydney, January 2012
Shiatsu for Pregnancy (4 days), Well Mother, Suzanne Yates
Melbourne, 2010
Pancha Tan Mantra Instructor Belt (6 years), White Tara School, John Michelis
Syndey, 2010
Diploma of Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies (2 years), Nature Care College
Syndey, 2007
BA Hons Cultural Studies, Sheffield Hallam University
Sheffield, 1999

Personal Statement

As I understand the link between mind and body on an increasingly subtle level I am able to approach my practice and my clients in a more subtle way also. As I go deeper into understanding the nature of the mind and how the mind effects the body I have the confidence to be more simplistic in my approach. I have always been sure that the quickest path to improved health and well being is to find effective methods to deal with the mind e.g. meditation. But we are physical beings. My path to heath and well being has always begun with the body and that is what I always come back to. The body is a great anchor and a great teacher. If we learn to read the signals and messages our body is constantly providing us with then we can be the masters of our own health. Starting with awareness and applying that to body and mind is the first and most important step to greater health. With awareness you have an invaluable tool that will be of constant benefit for yourself and for those around you.

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